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Usage rules of TAU Points

Dear TAU customers,

Thank you very much for your usual support and cooperation.

We will show you how to check and use the "TAU Points" introduced at the same time as the renewal of our sales website.

1. You can check your own TAU Points on "Purchase History" on My Page.
2. If you decide which vehicle you want to use, be sure to select "Use" when bidding or offering.
* Cannot be used for vehicles that were not selected for "Use".
3. The maximum number of TAU Points available is the product price.
4. TAU Points can only be used as a batch. Please be careful.
5. Please confirm the reflection of the use of TAU Points by Invoice.

We will continue to improve our tau points in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use manner. Thank you for your continued support.

TAU Corporation