Principle of personal data protection

TAU Corporation operates businesses of purchasing selling and exporting cars automobile related parts etc.

We respect personal data of our customers and employees and believe it important responsibility as a member of the society to protect personal data.


1.Compliance with laws and regulations

-We will comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to protection and security of personal data as well as JISQ15001 (a standard of personal

  information management system set out by the Japanese Standard Association).

-For the purpose of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016("GDPR") TAU Corporation is the controller of personal data and responsible for

  our website ("TAU Website")

2.Collection utilization provision and storage of personal data

-We collect your personal data by lawful fair and transparent manner from you when you register yourself as TAU customer members and

  via Cookies and Access Log when you interact with our website as well as by email when you make contact with us by email.

-We utilize your personal data for specific purposes and only to the extent necessary for the purposes:

  ●To conduct sales of our goods;

  ●To confirm your identity;

  ●To answer your questions and to provide sales related customer services;

  ●To monitor and protect the security of our information system and network;

  ●To inform you of changes to the TAU Website and our other services; and

  ●To improve the TAU Website

-We will not utilize your personal data for purposes other than the original ones.

  Where we need to utilize your personal data for purposes other than the original ones

  we will seek your consent. When you receive our marketing materials you may opt out anytime by clicking an unsubscribe button.

-We may share your personal data with the following parties:

  ●Our professional advisors such as lawyers accountants and auditors etc.; and

  ●Companies who provide us with services such as data storage service maintenance database management

    and payment processing.

  We will require the third parties to respect your personal data and to ensure the security of your personal data

  in accordance with the laws and regulations.

-We will ensure that your personal data is stored for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

3.Security of personal information

-We set up and maintain technical and organisational safeguards that would ensure the security of personal data including protection against

  unauthorized or unlawful access to or processing of personal data and against accidental loss destruction or damage of personal data.

-We are awarded with the ISMS certificate which certifies that our information safeguards meet with the international standards of ISO/IEC 27001

  and the Japan's national standards of JIS Q 27001.

  Where we appoint a third party to process personal data for us we choose companies who are serious about information security.

-We are awarded with Privacy Mark by JIPDEC a foundation under Japanese law. Privacy Mark certifies that our information safeguards meet with

  the standards of JIS Q 15001

  which includes the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Laws in Japan and is set voluntarily at the higher standards.

-All employees of TAU are requested to take E-learning classes on personal information protection for better understanding and to sit an examination

  once every year for check and maintain the development.

4.Data Accuracy

-We will ensure that your personal data is accurate and up-to-date by allowing you to access anytime to your member registration page.

-If you withdraw your consent for us to use store provide your personal data we will ensure that your personal data is deleted

  unless it needs to be processed on another legal ground such as statutory requirements to store or contractual obligations to store

  until full performance of the contract.

5.Policy Updates

-We may revise this Privacy Policy now and then. When the Privacy Policy is updated it will be announced on "what's new" which you will find at the

  top page of our sales website.

  We recommend you to regularly check for changes and to review this policy whenever you visit our website.

6.Cookies and Access Log Files

-"Cookies" is a tiny tip of data placed in your computer when you visit the TAU Website.

  "Cookies" is designated to provide a better user experience for the interactive features of TAU Website and never to violate your privacy or to

  cause any damage on your computer. You may disable "Cookies" but the TAU Website may not function properly.

  "Access Log" is a record of your access to our website. Time when you accessed to TAU Website time of login and logout

  which vehicles you checked out how much you bid during the auction are recorded so that we will be certain of the identity of the person

  who is the successful bidder at the auction.

  TAU may use "Cookies" and "Access Log" to compile anonymous aggregate statistics on TAU's web site.

7.Linked Web Sites

-This Privacy Policy is only applicable to the TAU Web site visitors. We do not bear any responsibilities for any

  incident in whatever nature that might happen to you or between you and any linked web sites.

-TAU neither collect nor store your credit card details in any stage of interactions including the member registration or sales transaction.

  Your credit card details would immediately go to your credit card company.

8.Contact Us

-If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or its practices please contact us from here.

  Date of enactment: April 1st 2005

  Date of revision: July 1st 2018