How to Purchase

Welcome to the TAU website!
This page explains the necessary steps and method of purchasing products from our site.

Member registration

Please complete member registration before offering or bidding for the products on the website. If you log in using the member ID issued after registering as a member you can make an offer for stock list products. When registering please read through the Customer Agreement. The membership Customer Agreement determine the items to be observed in relation to the use and provision of services from our site. We request all customers to consent to these Customer Agreement at the time of registration so please read them through carefully.

Moreover where there are changes to registration information such as customer address or contact information promptly carry out membership information change proceedings from the dedicated member page which becomes available after Login. We shall issue invoices and arrange for delivery of products based on this membership information.

How to order
1. Stock List

Our company stock list is updated every day for all of our worldwide customers.
There are there types of sales method in the stock list.

1. 1. Buy it now

(1) The customer who made the offer (effective offer) at least the same price as the asked price from the stock list will be the buyer. It is possible to make a prompt purchase on the same day without waiting.
(2) When multiple offers from the same customer are received: Only latest offer received will be valid.
(3) Failing to contact customer within one business day: The customer with the next valid offer will be the buyer.

1. 2. Tender Stock

(1) The listed price is the minimum bid price.
(2) The bid deadline depends on the product. Check the remaining time.
(3) The customer with the highest bid shall become the purchasing customer.
(4) If multiple highest bids at the same amount are received the customer with the earliest highest bid shall become the purchasing customer.
(5) If multiple bids are received from the same customer for the same product: The final bid price shall become the purchase price.
(6) If the customer cannot be contacted within one business day: The customer with the next highest bid shall become the purchaser
(7) In the event of unavoidable reasons, such as a computer system failure, interfere with bidding sales, the Company shall take one of the following measures at its discretion. We will not be liable for any damages that may cause to you.
   ⅰ. Car purchase will be allowed to the highest bidder at the bid closing time.
   ⅱ. Cancel concerned bids that are due after the time of the failure and relist them later on.

1. 3. ASK

The price is not indicated. Contact our staff if you are interested in purchasing these vehicles.

2. Auction
2. 1. Eligibility for participating in an auction

Users satisfying the following conditions may participate in an auction.
(1) Users who have completed membership registration on our website and submitted their ID and in case of domestic residents Kobutsusho (second hand dealer permit).
(2) Users for whom payment of the auction participation deposit (security deposit) of 50000 yen has been confirmed in our designated bank account.
It is not possible for the customer to cancel purchase of the product due to their own personal circumstances after successfully winning the bid at an auction. However in case membership eligibility is lost due to customer-related reasons the customer shall become eligible to participate in auctions again once payment of cancelation fee determined under "Cancelation fees" of the Customer Agreement and the auction participation deposit (security deposit) of 50000 yen is confirmed in our designated bank account.

Customers who we judged to be unsuitable to participate in the auction shall have their participation eligibility rescinded even if they satisfy the above conditions.

2. 2. Auction Flow

As the auction starts the product information shall be described in the auction list with the current price and remaining time. Press the "Refresh" button to confirm the most recent information.
(1) The listed price is always the current highest bid price or the auction starting price.
(2) The auction shall close two business days after listing of the auction.
(3) The customer who has bid the highest price at the point the auction closes shall become the purchaser.
(4) If the customer cannot be contacted within one business day the customer with the next highest bid shall become the purchaser.
(5) Bidding at the auction takes place with a system of "automatic bidding" in which the system automatically bids with other bidders on behalf of the bidder.
(6) The price input at the time of the bid is set to the "highest bid amount" but when bidding with other bidders the highest bid amount shall be set as the limit and re-bids shall occur until the highest price of the other party is exceeded.
(7) Where the highest price does not reach the reserved price the bid automatically become the highest bid price.
(8) Where the highest price reaches the reserved price the bid will be set automatically at the reserve price.
(9) The highest bid price is not indicated to the other bidders.

The auction status may be confirmed from My Auction on the member page.

If the auction progress is hindered due to unavoidable reasons such as a computer system failure, one of the following measures shall be taken at the Company's discretion. We will not be liable for any damages that may cause to you.
(1) Car purchase will be allowed to the highest bidder at the bid closing time.
(2) Resume auction.
(3) Cancel concerned bids that are due after the time of the failure and relist them later on.

2. 3. Reserved price

The reserved price is the minimum successful bid price set by the exhibitor and the products will not be sold if the bid price does not reach the reserved price. However this excludes the situations when the negotiation described in the next section occurs. The reserved price is not indicated until the highest bid reaches the reserved price.

2. 4. Negotiation

Even in cases where the auction ends without the successful bid price reaching the reserved price set by the exhibitor price negotiation may occur at the end of the auction. Note that such price negotiation may occur only within 3 hours after the end of the auction and is limited to the party with the highest bid for the vehicle concerned. Price negotiation shall not take place in case of vehicles for which there were no bids.

2. 5. Flow of sale & Purchase agreement - payment - delivery/shipping

An email shall be sent to the winning bidder at the end of the auction. An invoice shall be issued so please transfer the amount to our designated bank account within 48 hours. Please note that it is not possible to cancel products purchased at the auction. The procedures after the sale & purchase agreement are the same as when purchasing the product from a stock list.

2. 6. Automatic extension

In order to avoid a large number of bids at the end of the bidding period in case there is a bid by 3 minutes before the end of the auction the auction shall be extended by a further 3 minutes from the point of the bid. The extension will be repeated indefinitely as long as there is a bid within the extended time period.

3. Delivery conditions

Please designate the location to which the products should be delivered after selecting the delivery conditions at the point of offer. Please consult with your sales representative if anything is unclear.

Stock list
Product details
Offer screen
4. Conclusion of the Sale & Purchase Agreement

The sale & purchase agreement for the product in question shall be concluded at the point that the email notifying that the sale & purchase agreement has been established is sent from our company. At the point the email is sent the product information in question shall be listed in the purchase history on the member page enabling you to confirm and print the invoice.

Payment method
1. Bank transfer

Please transfer the full amount by bank transfer within 48 hours of the conclusion of the sale & purchase agreement. Once the transfer procedures are complete please fax the telegraphic transfer statement filling in the customer ID and stock No of the products you purchased. Note that the transfer location and our fax no. are described in the invoice.
If the payment is delayed without any notification from the customer we may cancel the order. We shall contact you by email in case of such cancelation.

2. Other payment methods

We offer a number of other payment methods in addition to bank transfer so please see HERE for details.

Delivery and Shipping

Delivery/shipping will be arranged promptly by TAU once your payment is confirmed. We will notify you by email on the delivery/ shipping issue. You can also check this information on your Members page.

Stock Service Center

The ownership of a product is transferred to you when we confirm your payment. We accept liability for the damage caused by TAU or its contracted vendors during ground transportation or lading to the extent provided in our Customer Agreement. We will not be responsible for any damages caused after the delivery/ shipment has been executed.

1. Documentation

All document for vehicle will be posted to you following up with delivery of the vehicle. If TAU make shipping arrangement on your request all document including Bill of Lading will be sent by DHL or EMS after the ships departure.

Bill of Lading
2. Consignee Information on The Shipping Documents
2. 1. Consignee Information on The Shipping Documents from Consignee Change Request to Change Completion

(1) E-mail your details HERE with your customer ID Stock No. Vehicle model.
(2) After the change completion of the consignee we will send you an email of the change completion.

2. 2. Changeable Period

(1) Consignee information can be changed within 10 days after we confirm your payment.
(2) If the period mentioned above passes we cannot accept the change of the consignee.
We may accept a change request after progress in a time limit but cannot be able to guarantee a consignee change.
In addition we may decline participation in future auction.


(1) Please send change requests by one case even if consignees of the products always become the same consignee.
(2) Please send a request again within three business days after having the request of the consignee change when there is not the reply of the receptionist.

If you have any questions please click HERE to contact.

3. Service Centers Pick Up Terms

3. 1. Pick up Person Confirmation

(1) Please make sure to bring VEHICLE PICK UP NOTICE when coming for pick up.

3. 2. Reservation Only

(1) Please reserve pick up schedule latest by previous day morning.
(2) Please observe pick update/time punctually. (9:00~12:00 13:00~17:00)

3. 3. Safety & Security

(1) Please refrain from checking units that you have not purchased.
(2) Wandering around inside service center without permission is not allowed.
(3) Service centers' forklifts may not reach for loading on some large carriers' upper level.
(4) We may not allow or load cars in dangerous cases judged by our staff such as loading by forklifts from front or vehicles with weights more than loading weight limit capacity.
(5) Delivery or temporary leaving of vehicles outside service centers is not possible.
(6) Refueling gasoline/diesel is not possible for any units or carriers.

3. 4. Law & Environmental Observation

(1) Pick up will not be allowed for cases with possibilities of illegal carrying methods. (White number plate business trucks overloading etc. )
(2) Please refrain from coming with vehicles with loud or irregular noise oil leaking or other kinds of vehicles damaging surrounding environment and community.
(3) Repairing at service centers is not allowed.
(4) Please refrain from stand by or loading at public roads and make sure not to block or disturb public traffic.
(5) If in the remarks it does not say that the vehicle is driveable, we will not be able to hand over as driveable. For not driveable vehicles please make sure to pick them up by using a loading vehicle or a towing truck. The customer will take full responsibility for any accident or troubles caused by a driveable vehicle.

3. 5. Inquiries claims

(1) For claims or any inquiries please contact your direct salesperson.
(2) Please check for service center access and traffic information by yourself well in advance and by referring to maps provided at Vehicle Pick Up Notice. (Guiding from locationsmore than 1 km away from service center is not possible)
(3) TAU will not be liable for damages caused to carriers while loading with forklifts.
(4) In case of typhoons or natural incidents and or other emergencies schedules may change.

3. 6. Accidents responsibility

(1) TAU will claim for damages in case of any accident or damage caused by customer or customer hired pick up person.
(2) In case of arranging transports by yourselves (not through us) for any accident out of our service centers (public roads or private lands) caused anyhow by loaded product or loading method we will take no responsibility for any damage or loss involved.


As a principle TAU does not accept complaints about products.
However only in case conditions set in TAU Member Terms and Conditions are met TAU shall accept complaints.

Customer Agreement (Claims)