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【Important Notices】

Dear Customers,

Thank you for using TAU Corporation.
We would also like to thank you for continuing compliance with our delivery rules for the products you have purchased.

These days, pick-up rules are not followed among some customers and others are having annoyance during their pick-up.
Please note the following points again to make the delivery service safety and smoothly for all customers.
If there is a customer, who still cannot follow rules, we regret to announce that we might have to stop business so please be aware of it.

・About reservation for the pick-up
Please for sure to book the day before 12PM for the pick-up date.
We are not available for the same date reservation and delivery without reservation at all.
※Please pay attention that all of the service center will be closed every Saturday and cannot support for the pick-up.

・Important point to pick up
It cannot be delivered by transporter by putting temporary number plate
Except for the vehicle written as “Self-propelled delivery is possible”, we cannot hand over the vehicle by Driving.
Please for sure to pick up the unit by transporter.

※We hope you to understand that TAU Corporation will not take any responsibility for the accident and troubles, caused by the pick-up.

Thanks and best regards,
TAU Corporation