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No.1047165 HONDA N-BOX

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Stock No. No.1047165
Model N-BOX
Grade G special specification car SS package
Body Type KeiCar-RV
First Registration 2017
Type DBA-JF1
Specification No 17075
Classification No. (TDN) 0061
Displacement 650 cc
Engine Type S07A
Fuel Gasoline
Chassis No. Need Login
Serial No.
Mileage 40744km
Odometer Replacement
Color ? Brown
Steering wheel RHD
Drive System 2WD
Transmission AT
Capacity 4
Situation of Damage
Main Damage Damaged
Area of Damage Rear,Left
Drive Condition Not Rolling
engine room
Engine (time of assessment) ? Start
Shift Lever Movable
Radiator & Condenser -
Transmission Oil Pan -
Oil Pan -
Front Bumper Scratch Front Glass Stone Chip
Bonnet Scratch Roof -
Left Headlight Scratch Right Headlight Scratch
Left Front Fender - Right Front Fender -
Left Front Door Dent Right Front Door Scratch
Left Rear Door NG Right Rear Door Scratch
Left A Pillar - Right A Pillar -
Left B Pillar - Right B Pillar -
Left C Pillar NG Right C Pillar -
Left Rear Fender NG Right Rear Fender Scratch
Taillight Left NG Taillight Right -
Rear Bumper NG Rear Glass -
Trunk NG
Left Front Suspension - Right Front Suspenstion -
Left Rear Suspension Broken Right Rear Suspension -
Passenger Seat Available Driver Seat Available
Seat(Passenger Side) - Seat(Driver Side) -
Passenger's Door - Driver's Door -
Curtain(Passenger Side) - Curtain(Driver Side) -
Knee(Passenger Side) - Knee(Driver Side) -
Left Rear Seat Door - Right Rear Seat Door -
Head - Air bag · bonnet popup -
Equipment ?
A/C Available P/S Available
P/W Available Navigation Available
TV Available Leather Seat NA
Sunroof NA Maintenance Notebook NA
Owner's Manual NA Guarantee Form NA
Due in Date Goods receipt
Estimated Arrival Date ? -
De-Registration Certificate Available
Inspection Period
Recycling Fee ? 9,790Yen
Length 339 cm
Width 147 cm
Height 178 cm
Maximum Loading Weight -
Unit Weight -
Gross Unit Weight -
File Name

Rain water infiltration.

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