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No.113066 FIAT 500

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  • It is limited edition product in Japan.
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Stock No. No.113066
Maker FIAT
Model 500
Body Type Hatch
Manufacture Year -
Mileage 81000km presumed
Serial No. Need Login
Fuel hybrid
Transmission -
Situation of Damage
Engine Condition ? -
Due in Place Specified address
Due in Date -
Estimated Arrival Date ? -
Length -
Width -
Height -
Unit Weight -
File Name

Rear gate ASSY
Stored place: Tochigi prefecture
Color No. : 599 New Orleans blue(M)
Good condition, line scratches overall, a few paint peeling on edge
Used parts consigned sale. Since it is sold in parallel with another company, it may be sold out.
Sales commission: 5% of the product price will be charged.
Products can only be delivered within Japan.
No yard operation charge. Before sales contract, delivery fee will be informed.

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