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Stock No. No.860178
Maker HINO
Grade -
Body Type Large size (10 m -)
First Registration 04/1997
Specification No
Classification No. (TDN)
Displacement 19680 cc
Engine Type F20C
Fuel Diesel
Chassis No. Need Login
Serial No.
Mileage 472330km
Odometer Replacement
Color ? Green
Steering wheel RHD
Drive System 2WD
Transmission MT
Capacity 3
Situation of Damage
Main Damage Damaged
Area of Damage Front
Drive Condition Not Rolling
engine room
Engine (time of assessment) ? Start
Shift Lever Movable
Radiator & Condenser Bent
Transmission Oil Pan -
Oil Pan -
Front Bumper NG Front Glass Scratch
Bonnet Scratch Roof -
Left Headlight Scratch Right Headlight Scratch
Left Front Fender Dent Right Front Fender Dent
Left Front Door Dent Right Front Door NG
Left Rear Door NA Right Rear Door NA
Left A Pillar Dent Right A Pillar Dent
Left B Pillar Dent Right B Pillar Dent
Left C Pillar NA Right C Pillar NA
Left Rear Fender NG Right Rear Fender NG
Taillight Left NG Taillight Right NG
Rear Bumper NG Rear Glass Stone Chip
Trunk NG
Left Front Suspension Broken Right Front Suspenstion Broken
Left Rear Suspension - Right Rear Suspension -
Passenger Seat Available Driver Seat Available
Seat(Passenger Side) - Seat(Driver Side) -
Passenger's Door - Driver's Door -
Curtain(Passenger Side) - Curtain(Driver Side) -
Knee(Passenger Side) - Knee(Driver Side) -
Left Rear Seat Door - Right Rear Seat Door -
Head - Air bag · bonnet popup -
Equipment ?
A/C Available P/S Available
P/W Available Navigation NA
TV Available Leather Seat NA
Sunroof NA Maintenance Notebook NA
Owner's Manual NA Guarantee Form NA
Due in Date Goods receipt
Estimated Arrival Date ? -
De-Registration Certificate Available
Inspection Period
Recycling Fee ? 9,290Yen
Length 1190 cm
Width 249 cm
Height 363 cm
Maximum Loading Weight -
Unit Weight 24470 kg
Gross Unit Weight 24635 kg
File Name

We will negotiate with previous owner based on your bid price.
・Highest bidder will be able to buy this car when purchase negotiation is successfull.
・If purchase negotiation fail, 5,000 tau points will be granted to the highest bidder.
・It will take approximately one month to inform the result.
・Cancellation is not acceptable.
Many Rear body parts and outrigger removed
Vehicles higher than 258 cm or wider than 230cm cannot fit in container. Some few vehicles may not be eligible for shipping. Please refer to sales department in case.
Before you bid, please ask inland delivery, shipping expense and ocean freight to our sales section.
When you bid, please choose 'Only Goods Price' as trade term and then, push 'Select' button.
Truck rear body such as Crane ,Dump ,Wing ,Loader does not function.

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