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No.1047455 HONDA N-BOX

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Stock No. No.1047455
Model N-BOX
Grade L
Body Type KeiCar-RV
First Registration 11/2021
Type 6BA-JF3
Specification No 19384
Classification No. (TDN) 0016
Displacement 660 cc
Engine Type S07B
Fuel Gasoline
Chassis No. Need Login
Serial No.
Mileage 4636km
Odometer Replacement
Color ? Pearl
Steering wheel RHD
Drive System 2WD
Transmission AT
Capacity 4
Situation of Damage
Main Damage Damaged
Area of Damage Rolled over
Drive Condition Not Rolling
engine room
Engine (time of assessment) ? Start
Shift Lever Movable
Radiator & Condenser Broken
Transmission Oil Pan -
Oil Pan -
Front Bumper NG Front Glass NG
Bonnet NG Roof NG
Left Headlight NG Right Headlight NG
Left Front Fender NG Right Front Fender NG
Left Front Door NG Right Front Door NG
Left Rear Door NG Right Rear Door NG
Left A Pillar NG Right A Pillar NG
Left B Pillar NG Right B Pillar NG
Left C Pillar NG Right C Pillar NG
Left Rear Fender NG Right Rear Fender NG
Taillight Left NG Taillight Right NG
Rear Bumper NG Rear Glass NG
Trunk NG
Left Front Suspension - Right Front Suspenstion -
Left Rear Suspension - Right Rear Suspension Broken
Passenger Seat Available Driver Seat Available
Seat(Passenger Side) Finished Seat(Driver Side) -
Passenger's Door - Driver's Door -
Curtain(Passenger Side) Finished Curtain(Driver Side) -
Knee(Passenger Side) - Knee(Driver Side) -
Left Rear Seat Door - Right Rear Seat Door -
Head - Air bag · bonnet popup -
Equipment ?
A/C Available P/S Available
P/W Available Navigation Available
TV Available Leather Seat NA
Sunroof NA Maintenance Notebook NA
Owner's Manual NA Guarantee Form NA
Due in Date Goods receipt
Estimated Arrival Date ? -
De-Registration Certificate Available
Inspection Period
Recycling Fee ? 8,550Yen
Length 339 cm
Width 147 cm
Height 179 cm
Maximum Loading Weight -
Unit Weight -
Gross Unit Weight -
File Name

Rain water infiltration.
Automatic sliding door equipped both sides.
White smoke comes out from muffler
Software for Navigation missing.

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