Bidding Qualifications

The following prerequisites must be met before placing your bid on our auction site:

  • The Customer has purchased at least one vehicle from the stock list through the TAU Site, and the payment therefore has been satisfactorily confirmed by TAU. Or auction deposit (JPY100,000) has arrived in the bank account of TAU. Deposit shall not be allocated to the payment for purchased items.
  • The Customer has never canceled a sales contract with TAU by the Customer's reason after having a winning bid in a TAU auction in the past. (The Customer may regain a bidding qualification by confirmation of paying cancellation fee and auction deposit (JPY100,000))

In the event that TAU, in its sole discretion, determines that you are disqualified for bidding, your bidding eligibility may be withheld regardless of your fulfillment of the conditions set above. In such a case, sales contracts for any awarded vehicles and your contractual rights may be cancelled.

Auction Method

The prices on the TAU Site's auction list reflect the specific Item purchase prices only ( e.g. the vehicle price ) and an additional 15,000 JPY (tax excluded) sales commission fee will apply too. (Only for cars, buses, and trucks). Also, other charges will apply in the event a Customer requests the delivery/shipping arrangements of TAU. The Customer should select the desired destination and shipping method when placing a bid at the auction.
After the auction starts, the goods information, current price and remaining time are displayed in the auction list. Please click update button of browser to get updated information. Bidding method is only automatic bidding.
In automatic bidding, you enter the highest amount you are willing to pay (your maximum bid). The system will place a bid which is greater than the previous bid by the smallest bid increment and it will keep increasing your bids on your behalf, based on the bid increment, up to your maximum bid price (your maximum bid will not be displayed).

You will receive the updated status of an auction, via an automated transmission system, at your registered email address in case the following things happened.
 1. You place a bid.
 2. Another bidder makes a higher bid than yours.
 3. The auction finish time comes close.
 4. A bid is awarded a contract.

The above information is also available on the "MY AUCTION" section of your Members page.

In the event that an auction is terminated prior to the scheduled closing time due to unavoidable circumstances such as system failure, TAU uses its discretion to determine whether to award a contract to the highest bidder at that point or to restart the auction. TAU will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such circumstances.

Suggested Contract price

Suggested contract price is for reference set by TAU. Even bid price reaches the suggested contract price, the auction will not be closed before scheduled finish time.
If your bid price is lower than the suggested contract price, there is a possibility that you can not purchase the car.

Price Negotiation

When the auction is closed under the suggested contract price, only the customer who made a bid for the vehicle shall be able to ask for price negotiation. In case the auction is closed with no bid, negotiation shall not be accepted.

Execution of a Sales Contract -> Payment -> Delivery/Shipping

The winner of an auction will receive a "Sales Contract email." Please remit your full payment by wire transfer to the specified bank account within 48 hours of completion of a sales contract.
Please note that cancellation of the sales contract will not be permitted after winning the bid.
Upon conclusion of a sales contract, please follow the same procedures as you would when purchasing from the Stock List. See the "HOW TO ORDER" for more details.

5 min. automatic extension

In the event that bids are entered within 5 minutes of its closing time, the auction will extend for additional 5 minutes to avoid overlaps of last-minute bids. This extension will repeat until no bids are entered during the extension.