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Service we can offer

TAU lists all the vehicles on this site to make them available for sale online. Vehicle specifications and pricing information are available in Stock List, Vehicles For Sale, and Auction.

  • Once registered, you can access your Members page using your ID and password. In this page, you can do the following:
    • * Review and change your registration data (mailing address, telephone number, terms of trade, preferred    shipping method, password) at any time.
    • * Review the status of your offer, progress and result of an auction that you bid in.
    • * Review the specifications, invoices, payment status and shipping status on your ordered vehicles.
    • * If you have registered detailed information of your desired vehicle (Make, Model and etc), vehicles that satisfy your request will be displayed on your page each time you log in. Please note that your vehicle request information will be used for TAU's future buying decisions.
  • To check detailed information of units
  • Offer to stock list units.
  • Participation for Auction.
    Please refer the condition in order to participate in our auction here.

How to register

  • Acknowledgement of customer agreement
    Please read through all details in our customer agreement carefully as all customers shall accept all terms and conditions in order to utilize our service.
  • Filling up membership details.
    The details you fill in the application form only be used between you and TAU will be used for trading use only. Please refer the link below for more details. Privacy Policy
  • Preliminary registration
    Preliminary ID will be issued and sent to the registered e-mail address after we confirm preliminary registration through our system.
  • Official registration
    The official registration will be proceeded through the web link shown in notice of completion of preliminary registration. The official customer ID will be issued in order to utilize our service. The completion of official registration will be informed to registered e-mail address.
  • Screening before starting business
    To start business, it is necessary to submit specified documents and undergo screening before starting business. Please submit below documents to us by fax or email.
      ①Copy of identification document (driver license, passport, residence card, etc.)
      ②Copy of Used Items Business Permits (customers in Japan)
      ③Copy of official Company Register (customers in Japan with corporate status)

Privacy policy

Please refer the following link for our Privacy Policy.

About Security

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Member Registration

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