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No.AP-000289  Woofer Box (TS-WX100)  

Woofer BOX TS-WX100N 30 cm speaker x 1 No amplifier MAX: 300 w

Price(Yen): 11,140 New/Used: Used Status: Sold

No.AP-000305  Weds keeler field 16 inch for Hiace, Surf etc  

<Size> 16 inches / 7 J <offset> + 26 mm <PCD> 139.7 mm / 6 hole <hub diameter> about 108 mm <bolt> about 13 mm * Weight per wheel is about 8 kg 

Price(Yen): 29,000 New/Used: Used Status:

No.AP-000304  Suskit for Lancer Evolution 10 (CZ4A)  

Lancer Evolution 10 (CZ 4 A) Genuine Billstein's shock and Colt Speed suspension

Price(Yen): 72,000 New/Used: Used Status: Clearance

No.AP-000303  Swift Sports (ZC32S) Genuine Suskit  

Swift Sports (ZC32S) genuine Sus kit, distance to use: 10000km Part Number: 41601-70L00 41602-70L00 41810-70L00 2 pcs 41810-70L00, 1 pc, return is weak.

Price(Yen): 12,140 New/Used: Used Status: Clearance

No.AP-000302  Vehicle height adjustment type for the Impreza (GDB) shock absorber  

TEIN made WINDING MASTER MONO FLEX product number: GFS 28 - 1 AYB 1 - R, for about D type 

Price(Yen): 44,960 New/Used: Used Status: Clearance

No.AP-000301  Front stabilizer for Impreza WRX (GDB)  

In the Impreza (GDA), Impreza STI (GDB) the year model is 00 / 10-0 01/8. Product code: 666 311 A21. 21 Φ (genuine 19 Φ). Two bushes are included. For Applied Model A type. Discontinued model. 

Price(Yen): 17,000 New/Used: Used Status: Clearance

No.AP-000300  S2000 Genuine Suskit  

S2000 genuine Sus kit. Product code: 52610-S2A-0340. 52620 - S2 A - 0340. 51602 - S2 A - 0240. 51601 - S2 A - 0240. 

Price(Yen): 12,140 New/Used: Used Status: Clearance

No.AP-000299  VEZEL (RU3) genuine spring  


Price(Yen): 9,740 New/Used: Used Status: Clearance

No.AP-000298  Vehicle height adjustment type shock absorber for GTR 33/34  

Vehicle height adjustment type for BCNR 33 / BNR 34 shock absorber. Includes: Shock; Bilstein enapelterbase spring + helper; Ibach ROSE JOINT; Cusco. Spring F ⇒ 78400 0800. 250.07000. R ⇒ 11/99 0800.250.0850. All the shocks return slowly. ROSE JOINT are all NG, it is necessary to exchange

Price(Yen): 198,000 New/Used: Used Status: Clearance

No.AP-000297  Skyline GT-R (BNR 32) Genuine Suskit  


Price(Yen): 19,800 New/Used: Used Status: Clearance